Artists and friends


We are building a community of people who work in textile art in some way. If you would like to join us please get in touch


Rosie James

Textile artist

Rosie James is a Textile Artist living and working in Kent. She has a BA Hons Textiles degree from Surrey Institute of Art and Design and an MA in Textiles from Goldsmith College London.

Rosie started off with a small business making dyed and screen printed fabrics, scarves, ties, cushions etc, but once she discovered that she could use the sewing machine to draw with, she found herself doing less print and began creating larger and more one off pieces.

Her first stitched drawing was of a group of friends at a beach hut party in Kent. This piece won the Bentliff Museum and Art Gallery prize in 2008 and spurred her on to do more. She decided to turn her focus away from her friends (much to their relief) and thus began an obsession with people watching.

People and crowds became her focus and particularly specific groups in particular places, such as art galleries or tourist spots. She gets in amongst them with her camera and then translates these photos into drawings and then stitches them using an old Bernina and cheap black thread. 

Rosie has exhibited her work all over the world and has large scale pieces in hotels in the UK and the USA.

She has written a book called "Stitch Draw" which contains lots of examples of her work alongside that of others. She shares her techniques and processes freely.

Harriet Popham

Textile artist

Using free motion embroidery, Harriet creates textiles that feature architecture and animals. She makes canvasses with individual stitched illustrations as well as using the technique to embellish her busy and intricately drawn, printed fabric.

She has been experimenting with this embroidery method since she was 16 when she first discovered the joy of being able to send stitched fabric in any direction. She loves its linear quality and irresistibly tactile nature, which she often highlights further by pulling loose threads off from the canvas and drawing it to a point on the wall.

sparkly mouse pic.jpg

Louise Marie Jones

Illustrator and textile artist

Louise Marie Jones is a Birmingham based illustrator who works under the alias of Sparklymouse. Her ideas and creativity are focused around intricate hand embroidered illustrations with an ambition to make life a bit more colourful. Recently she has started experimenting with the use of typography and abstract lines within her work.

Louise is fascinated with the idea of beauty and likes using the “right” and “wrong” side of the image to illustrate this, taking a new spin on both embroidery and illustration. Her current work #theoldbagproject is a visual diary drawing on inspiration from her daily life. Stitching one image a day to give an old bag a new lease of life. You can follow her project on Instagram @sparklymouse

Lucy Turner

Course leader - foundation art and design

Lucy Turner is a University Lecturer in Textiles and teaches at Oxford Brookes University on their Foundation Art and Design Programme.  Lucy was originally a knitwear designer working within the industry for several years before turning to teaching in 2009. 

Her heart still lies with knit techniques but as her work has progressed during her MA in Fashion Textiles over the last few months she is exploring the use of a varied array of materials from Porcelain to digital print. 

Lucy is a firm believer in creative education and is always championing arts education in today's society.  As part of the Oxford Art Teachers network Lucy is keen to explore with other arts educators how we can express our creative talents within science.  As education is pushing students towards science, maths, technology and engineering Lucy is keen to involve Arts within the mix to enable students to be innovative and expressive with ideas and processes.  As such her MA work has led her to work with scientists and medical researchers at the John Radcliffe Hospital in their research project about Tuberculosis.  Lucy is embedding public engagement of medical research within her own practice to be part of CRyPTIC.